Braids Is Pain And Beauty Is Braids

(Created February 11, 2015 )

Ever since I was little I would love to put braids in my hair. Micro braids, box braids, Senegalese twist you name it, I would want install in my hair. What you don’t realize though when your young is the dark side braiding can have on your hair. It can take a toll on your roots. Many celebrities like Brandy, Tyra Banks, and Jada Pinkett  Smith are known to wear braids regularly. But have you ever seen their actual hair? Braids can cause your hairline to recede. That’s why it is important to take a break between your weave and natural hair. Make sure you keep your scalp moisturized while wearing braids. Always have a professional hairdresser take your hair out. Never overdo it with the quantity of weave you put in your hair because that can weaken your hair strands and cause your hair to fall out. Braiding your own hair is way healthier than putting weave in your hair. Don’t keep braids in your hair for longer than two months. Wash your braids regularly. When you go to sleep remember to cover your braids with a satin head covering. Braids can be a pain, but being beautiful involves pain.


(Image credit : Brandy- , Tyra Banks and Jada Pinkett Smith –


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