Wedding Hairstyles

By: David Aiyankhe

(Created February 11, 2015)

The wedding day is a very important event in the life of every woman. When planning your wedding agenda, you save for your wedding garment. The perfect hairstyle to complement the whole event should be given priority to. The bridesmaid is not to be left out in the preparation.

Choosing the right hairstyle should be an important step in preparing for a wedding. Prior to the wedding day, it would be ideal for a prospective bride to have gone through several hairstyles before selecting one that fits and matches. It is to be noted that a good or right hairstyles makes a good impression, boost one’s confidence, makes one feel good and helps brings out one’s personality. While the reverse will be the case for bad or wrong hairstyles. All ladies especially those planning to wed should keep in mind their facial cut, features, height and hair texture. They should take cognizance of the fact that different hairstyles suit different persons, hence, hairstyles that look great on one person may not necessarily look good for you.

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Standing in front of the mirror and drawing an outline of the face cut on the mirror with a lipstick could be a simple way to find out one’s face shape. Below are some examples of face shape and hairstyles.

Square shaped face: choose a style with long layers or waves and curls. A hairstyle which is feathered at the top and is softer around the ears would look good on a square shaped face.

Oval shaped face: choose a hairstyle that could add volume to the head. Soft layers with long hair, or a short bob being longer at the sides, and shorter at the back are some great ideas one can choose for an oval shape.

Heart shaped face: choosing something that would add volume around the face would be practical and ideal. Keeping long hair or adding too much volume at the crown may not look good with this type of face.

Round face: choosing a hairstyle with a short fringe or choppy layers at the back will be ideal. Also, one can add a little volume at the top to make the face look little slimmer. The hairstyle which gives width or volume to the hair falling at the side of the face should be avoided.

Long face: choosing a hairstyle with the volume on the top will make ones face look even longer. Trying the short razor cut that looks edgy for a long shaped face would be ideal.

wedding hairstyles


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