Spring 2020 Fashion Week Screamed Modesty

New York Fashion Week was held the week of February 6, 2020. And it loudly screamed modesty. It was like YAS, honey, YAS! Y’all better show off those long, flowery dresses, those fancy business suits, and those long-sleeve sweaters.

With many of us under quarantine, we may not have that much to spend on extravagant styles. That’s what makes these outfits so lovable. They are simple, and can easily be found at a local thrift store. Let us go over the full fashion forecast for the season upon us.

Image Credit: Fashionista


Bright Primary Colors

Red is a strong color that emits fiery passion. Many creatives opt for this color to be an integral part of their clothesline. And it is a perfect color for business attire.

photo of woman in red pinstripe suit posing
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Light yellow can be compared to the golden sun. When you are out and about, you will feel the temperature rise. Many nature lovers resort to bright yellow because it gives them spring vibes.

women s yellow long sleeved dress
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A strong green is the right fit for spring. It represents healthy grass, peace, and financial growth.

photo of woman wearing green coat
Photo by The Lazy Artist Gallery on Pexels.com

Deep blue is like the waters that surround the beach. Even though beaches are closed, wearing bright blue will help us to connect with the peacefulness of the ocean.

woman in blue dress against red background
Photo by Roberto Okaka on Pexels.com

Unique Sleeves

Long gone are the days when people just wore normal sleeves. We are now seeing sleeves with flair, street-style, and medieval features. If you are in the mood to feel like a renaissance poet, then a flowy sleeve is the way to go.

woman wearing white long sleeve shirt
Photo by Eduardo Lempo on Pexels.com

Puffed sleeves give off a brave, courageous look. They also draw more attention to your shoulders. If your stomach has become a muffin top, then choose puffed sleeves.

Image Credit: Jew In The City


Small And Big Florals

The Spring 2020 Fashion Show placed a lot of emphasis on long flowery dresses. Which makes sense, because spring is all about flowers. What is different though, was the distinction between the types of flowers that were seen on the dresses/skirts. Some were intricately small. And some were graphically big. The cartoon-like flowers were mostly placed in front of a black background. The smaller, realistic-looking flowers laid on a bright background. Do you love gardens? Then purchase a flower dress from your favorite retailer. Transform into a walk in the garden.

woman in yellow and pink floral dress standing
Photo by Godisable Jacob on Pexels.com

Strong Suits

If you are obsessed with suits then now is your season to slay. Feminine suits were rocked on the runway and predominantly had feminine vibes. Soft materials give off a welcoming, soft, lush feel. The 90s are making a comeback with this look. This trend also fits those who regularly attend religious services.

woman in maroon buttoned coat wearing black hat
Photo by Godisable Jacob on Pexels.com

Slip-On Slide Sandals

With the weather reaching warm temperatures, toes will be out. Slip-on sandals are fun and casual. If you like long walks in the park you may love the grass brushing against your ankles. You can wear wide straps, small straps, sparkles, or bows. They are many styles to choose from, that are simple, yet cute!

photography of a person wearing sandals
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